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This year I have been fortunate and in March I won First Place at the Fredericksburg, VA Fine Art Show

I also displayed and sold some of my work at the Bay School Community Arts Center in Mathews, VA.

 Please visit them here:

Artist Statement

I have been interested in art in almost every form since middle school. I still remember going to my grandparents’ house and my grandmother teaching me oil painting and my grandfather teaching me woodworking skills. This interest has allowed me to explore different media such as ceramics, wood working, drawing and metal working.  As I became a parent, my goal was to encourage my children to develop the same appreciation for art in all its forms. I have watched my daughter learn how to play the piano as a child and taught her how to forge a piece of metal into a Roman Legion spear for her college history class. I have also passed on my love for metal working to my son as he completed a sculpture inspired by Alexander Calder and made a rose out of a cookie tin. Teaching my children these skills allowed me to renew my love for art and inspired me to branch out artistically. My goal is to have re-used or re-purposed 80% or more of all the materials in my pieces. I have learned to look at a piece of material and in addition to seeing it for what it was, seeing what it could become. I believe that is a primary goal of art. To teach us to look past the surface of not just a piece of art, but also another person, and see not just what they are, but what they can become.    



1966 Born in Waukegan, Illinois 

2001 BS Business Administration Columbia College, MO 

2004 Masters of Business Administration Webster University, MO   

2001 Author of the September/October Underwater Magazine article, "The Silent Army: Engineer Divers in the US Army"

2003 Appeared on two episodes of the TV Show “Junkyard Wars” 

2012  Entered first arts and craft show at the Newport News Fall Festival of Folklife 

2013  Received “Best in Folk Art” and “Best in Show” at the Newport News Fall Festival of Folk Life

2013   Asked to donate an engraved scuba diving tank as a fundraiser for the Loggerhead MarineLife Center in Florida 

2013   Hand engraved scuba diving tanks were selected by as part of their Holiday Gift Guide 

2014    Received “Merit Award” in the Poquoson Seafood Festival 

2015    Received “First place” in Sculpture in the Fredericksburg Fine Arts Exhibit 

2016   Featured in an online article/photo section (Pictures 9&10) from the Williamsburg Celebrates Contemporary Artisans 

2016   First place ribbon at the Poquoson Seafood Festival 

2017  Asked to write a short article for an industrial tool company blog. 

2017   3rd place for Booth display at the Ashland Strawberry Festival 

2017   “Best in Folk Art” at the Newport News Fall Festival of Folk Life   

2017   "Best in Show" for Decorative Crafts at the Poquoson Seafood Festival

2018   Featured Artist at The Bay School Community Art Center show titled "Altered"

2018   First Place Award for 3D Sculpture at the Fredericksburg, VA Fine Art Show